Application Requirements

I. All applicants with nationally recognized bachelor's degree are required to have full-time work experience of three years or longer by July 2023.

II. All applicants with nationally recognized master's or doctoral degree are required to have full-time work experience of two years or longer by July 2023.

(Including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international applicants)

Entrance Requirements

After submitting required application materials and passing the evaluation, an applicant will be invited for interviews. Applicants who pass the individual interview in Chinese with the PBC School of Finance, at Tsinghua University and the group interview in English with the S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management, at Cornell University, will be offered the admission. Applicants from mainland China will qualify for admission after passing the national MBA entrance examination with a national A class score. (Applicants from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan must take the 2023 MBA Admissions Examination and meet the test score requirements of the recruiting unit. International applicants must submit GMAT or GRE scores to the Johnson Graduate School of Management.)

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all program modules, the required credits, and pass the thesis defense. Before graduating, students must submit English language test scores, with a minimum TOFEL score of 100 or a minimum IELTS score of 7. 


February 28th
April to
End of
Application Start
Admission Interviews in Chinese and in English
MBA Entrance Examination Applications are Due 
Admission Interviews Only For Students from non-mainland China
2023 National MBA Entrance Examination
Release of Admission Results
Semester Start

Interview Arrangement
Application Batch Materials Submission Deadline Joint Interview Schedules Apply
Batch 1 Apr. 8 Apr. 22 - 24 Finished
Batch 2 Jun. 17 July 1 - 3 Apply Now
Batch 3 Aug. 12 Aug. 26 - 28 Apply Now
Batch 4 Sep. 2 Sep. 16 - 18 Apply Now
Batch 5 Nov. 11 Nov. 26 - 27
(Only for Students from non-mainland China)
Apply Now

Interviews in Chinese will be conducted in question-answer format, about 20 minutes per person.

Interviews in English will be conducted in leaderless group discussion format, about 75-90 minutes for each group.